Training In New Systems


Training in New Systems

INGENAV´s experience in operations, advanced automated systems and training puts it in a unique position to be able to train operational staff in the usage of new ATM systems. This is done be first learning the manufacturer’s system and understanding, and if requiring redesigning the client’s concept of operations.

Following this INGENAV develops and delivers customised and contextualised training to the client.

We deliver training into new functionalities and concepts such as:

  • Medium Term Conflict Detection
  • Dynamic re-sectorisation
  • Free Airspace (FRA) and Direct Route Airspace (DRA)
  • Silent coordination between sectors
  • Arrival (AMAN), Departure (DMAN) and En-route (EMAN) management tools
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)
  • Dynamic re-routings
  • Electronic flight strips, or tabular, or just in time flight information windows
  • Flow Control and Management (ATFCM)
INGENAVTraining In New Systems